I’ve been thinking about starting this website for years having purchased the domain name in 2009 when I was about to turn 40. The last 10 years have been a pretty busy period in my life, meeting my wife, getting married, and having two kids. In 2021 I’m now turning 51 with two kids under the age of 6 so the urgency of Not Growing Old is rapidly becoming apparent.

This site will partly be the chronicle of my journey and I’ll write about related topics and linking to articles that I come across on the internet. I’m an avid reader of self help books and will try to aggregate and apply the best practices that I come across.

Getting in Shape

My first project for me is is to get into the best shape of my life. If it is downhill from here, I want to be as high as I can before the descent.

I was working out pretty regularly but without a real plan or goal of what I was trying to do.  Then COVID-19 hit and I went from that to not working out at all because I couldn’t go to the gym. I picked up FightCamp Interactive Home Boxing and started with that in the fall but a hand injury slowed me down. 

This January I decided to start again- this time with a plan and to track as much data as I could related to my health. My fitness and this blog is a definite work in progress and we’ll see where it goes from here!