These are some useful devices that I use

Apple Watch

Until the Apple Watch, I hadn’t worn a watch since the advent introduction of the iPhone. Why do you need a watch when you always have the time in your pocket? I primarily use the Apple Watch as a fitness tracker when I work out. I wear it under my boxing wraps when I use Fight Camp and it tracks my heart rate during the workout. I’ve been using the Series 6 watch for a couple of years and haven’t felt the need to upgrade to the latest and greatest.

Omron Evolve Bluetooth Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

High blood pressure runs in my family and is something that I need to monitor. I really like this Blood Pressure Monitor. It’s a very small one piece unit that communicates with an app on your phone to track data. The data is automatically synced with Apple Health. It’s really easy to use and a useful tool for tracking blood pressure changes over time.

FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

This is one of the cheaper Bluetooth enabled scales that measures body fat. I almost returned this scale because the body fat measurements seem a bit off, but I read some articles and lots of reviews and it seems that these low cost scales don’t do a great job measuring body fat accurately. The measurement of weight is accurate and I think the body fat measuring can still be useful for seeing progression. For the price- around $22 on Amazon, it is still worth it.